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Tom Wardrop
Posted almost 3 years ago
An internet snapshot should be saved daily for historical preservation.
There is an archive, and it's proven to be quite useful: I often use it to view the evolution of various websites. I used it the other day for example to show someone what one of my websites looked like before I sold it. It would be nice to see governments help fund such ventures. There's a problem with archiving the internet though, which is that deleted content (for whatever reason it was deleted) would never actually be deleted if it was still accessible in an archive. People remove content for good reasons a lot of the time. I think however the best thing to do is to just let the internet go-in its merry way. Having digital content deleted is much like paper records being discarded or lost in a fire. If the content is significant enough, it will be duplicated and re-published for however long it's relevant. No will care 100 years from now what user "iluvchips" said in response to a particular blog post titled "I Went to the Mall Today", but the more significant things like scientific discoveries, major news events, and cats eating watermelon, will naturally be duplicated and re-published until it also becomes irrelevant.