Sérgio Laranjeira

Teacher Technology Education and Webdeveloper, Farfetch
Esposende, Portugal

About Sérgio


I started as a freelancer and worked for some Portuguese companies where I develop websites and applications. But I wanted more and different experience. So I open my own company with 3 more friends. It's my main occupation and I love working with them and challenging new goals all the time.

I also work as a teacher in the School were I took my higher degree, and it's also a passion. Love to teach and help students to achieve higher education and knowledge.

I am a dynamic and very interactive person that loves to develop and help developing.

I want to be recognized as one of the best web developers in Portugal. Take usability and accessibility to a higher level in Portugal.

Be known as an entrepreneur of success. I will do it for sure :)

And for the last 2 years just been loving to listen to people talking about entrepreneurship, new ideas, evolution, innovation in the most different kind of business. Listen to people motivating, giving that special energy to accomplish great things and get to a higher level. So I try to mix everything in one, motivating when I teach, tell my story to my students while teaching, and always trying to learn more and more.

And people say there is a crisis in Portugal and I'm always spreading the word, this is the perfect opportunity.


English, Portuguese

TED Conference

TEDActive 2014

Areas of Expertise

Web - Applications, Web & Internet, Teaching Multimedia, Laughing with co-workers, Netwoking

An idea worth spreading

Life give us different tools to achieve our goals. We are always dreaming and I'm specially dreaming when I'm awake, and this is the best part, I dream we can always do better, for that we should never give up to accomplish our objectives, to make our dreams come true, giving up it's the most easy thing to do, and easy it's not funny, hard to achieve brings incredible happiness, and happiness that will help us to get even more confidence for the next goal, the next dream. I Dream Everyday!

I'm passionate about

Life, Work, people! Love to communicate, getting to know different people and talk with them about what they do and how they do it. Share experiences and knowledge with everyone.

Talk to me about

Motivation and Inspiration. Every time I feeled inspired I want to create something new. Since my first meeting with Ted I've been really inspired to change the world. To make this a better place.

People don't know I'm good at

Sharing thoughts! I'm a passionate person that loves to communicate and to help people to achieve their goals. http://vimeo.com/41466095

My TED story

I stopped believing in good things would happen to me, when I was complaining all the time about my life, I had a broken relationship, broken friends, family problems and just couldn't make them solved. My work wasn't going so well. Everything seemed to be falling. One night decided that something had to change... Alchemist by Paulo Coelho was a book I had in my room but never read it. That night I decide to read it... I only stopped when I finish... It was almost morning. Since that day, I've change a lot of things, instead of complaining, i do things to change for better, I work harder, I do more, I go farway, I sleep less, I do all I can to make life better for everyone. I talk with people to understand, make a thousand questions all the time, and don't regret about the past, can't change that, but I can change the present and prepare the future. I nver give up of my dreams. I will fail sometimes in my life, but I will not give up ever!! Life is this!!

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