Denis Francois Gravel

Presentation specialist,
Quebec, Canada

About Denis Francois


Being curious and always thirsty for novelties, just about everything interests me. As a presentation enthusiast, I decided to follow my heart and became a guide for presenters.

The TED environment is perfect for me. I have a scientific education, as well as an university degree in Genagogie (UQTR), a career in animation, sales and information technology.

As a recognized communicator, public speaker and coach, I teach how to clarify and transmit a message. As a musician, I play bass in a rock band.


English, French

Areas of Expertise

Public Speaking, Group cohesiveness, social media , technology, computer, sales, Creativity



My TED story

Co-founder of TEDxQuebec and TEDxQuebecLive. Coach of a TEDxULaval speaker (2012). Mentoring TEDxLimoilou

Favorite talks