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Caitlin Butler
Posted over 3 years ago
Africa does not need any more aid to develop, it needs moral support and guidance to harness her resources to develop
I agree with this. There are many organizations giving to Africa when Africa needs to learn to develop and grow on their own. I am apart of a great organization that DOES give to Central Africa but in the way it is needed. Invisible Children is an amazing group of people who raise money for the development of Africa. For example, IC invented jobs in Africa making bracelets to sell to people in the United States in order to raise money. These efforts put forth by IC is too raise money for the education of children and young adults in Africa so when they grow into adults they will be prepared and equipped to run their own country. Africa must learn help itself; it is the only way they will cease to need our, as in the US, help to run and develop. We must stop handing them things and teach them to learn and develop on their own. Thank you for presenting this discussion, for it hits close to home with me and the Invisible Children organization.