Awele Makeba

Storyteller/Teaching Artist,
Oakland, CA, United States

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Awele Makeba
Posted over 3 years ago
What would you go back to school to finish if you were going back?
Oh, the places that I would go...I received a Presidential Fellowship to attend Emerson in Boston but I could not go because it would not have covered all of my expenses as an out of state grad student. I have 4 areas of interest: 1) MFA in Theatre for Social Change, Theatre for Youth, or Applied Theatre from Northwestern U (to work with Michael Rohd et al), Arizona State U Tempe, CUNY (to work with the Creative Arts Team) 2) MA in Public History (to be an Education Director for a Museum). 3) I'm interested in Multi-Cultural Affairs at the university level. 4) I'm interested in advocacy and health care reform.