Bongkot Mod Charoensak

translator, IKEA
Samutprakarn, Thailand

About Bongkot Mod


I have always been interested in languages and differences between cultures. Growing up reading lots of translated Juvenile Literature, I believe it had helped me to open up to things that are different from my own culture. --- Trying to define myself is a difficult task, as this changes over time. Currently, I view myself as pretty liberal and flexible. I enjoy ebbs and flows of life and appreciate beauty and small things that matter: a good talk with friends, a good laugh with strangers, a smile from my nephew, a hearty meal - either on my own or with my loved one(s), my mother's kindness, a friend who listens, the sound of raindrops, a wagging tail of a dog... I appreciate life.


English, German, Hindi, Japanese, Thai

Areas of Expertise

translation english to thai, DIY, handicrafts, writing , Learning & Development, Literature, Food-growing/making/eating/writing

An idea worth spreading

I really appreciate people who are engaged in social and voluntary work. It shows that you care about others, you care for the whole community. However, the idea of social work and self love is not contrary to each other. When you love and treat yourself well, you have so much that you cannot hold it to yourself anymore, from there, things start to flow and flourish. Love yourself a 100 percent and from that place within, you've got so much to give. When you benefit, others benefit, the whole community benefit, it sustains.

I'm passionate about

food, organic living, psychology, healing, language, culture, cooking, sustainable lifestyle, home decor, self-development, reading, writing, translating, handicraft, spirituality, traveling, animal

Talk to me about

psychology, food, education, organic alternatives, sustainability, human's mind, cultures, languages, literature, handicrafts, social change, environment, healing, alternative medication, animal

People don't know I'm good at

singing, making friend with dogs

My TED story

Some TED Talks really blow my mind. Some have moved me to tears. Some have really got me thinking really hard. This space is an amazing place for people to learn, share, develop, get inspired and much more.

Favorite talks