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Melbourne / Victoria, Australia

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Joanna Murawska
Posted over 3 years ago
Is the ease of retrieving information minimizing growth in our young population?
Being 16, and a frequent user of technology to find answers, very often I find myself wondering how different my life would be if access to information was like it was in 'the old days'. And I often feel quite sad about the answer I come up with. I feel like now that answers are so readily and easily available, my generation aren't learning and growing as much as we potentially could be. Whenever I read a book from a library for some information, my eye is always catching some new information, something that I wouldn't have learnt if I had Googled the original question it. I think that's what the problem is these days with information retrieval. A search engine is able to give you pages specific to your question, that answer only that single question, while a book will tell you another 10 things on the same page the answer is written on. And as to asking experts, there is a reason they are experts. Online, you never know who is behind the text on your screen. But an expert is trained in their field, and are a lot more genuine.