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Learn about providence of God in my life, my identity and a calling towards vital SECRET MISSION and a CRITICAL DUTY to channel God's voice to the agenda of the world VIA FIRST in HISTORY CODE-tool - a Prophetic Film that shall serve a STRATEGEM (the last shift) to empower a human - allowing to hit quite a new level of understanding of invisible spiritual warfare and EMPOWER A HUMAN to hear guidance of God to ESCAPE TRAPS OF Devil/ "Hudas", thereby backchanneling the work of Devil and reprogramming the current course of humanity (blog:

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Needs editing: Theological wisdom/insights derived are worth spreading through an educational project that shall have a tremendous impact on spiritual evolution of mankind as well as impact modern history and change the current course of humanity as the next wonder in the world- a Prophetic film- to bring greatest benefit to humanity any film has ever brought
More specifically: to build world class educational Project via wonder-built formula to a Prophetic film that shall serve a "new ark for salvation/for empowering a human with supernatural faculties to withstand traps of Evil".

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I am passsionate about my Project for it will allow people to win in their lives/desinies - in the game of life, as well as to save our Planet from Evil with God given faculties.

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Character, human rights, phenomena

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Have an M.S. in Nonprofit Manag-nt,- though not an expert in this field; but expert in field of Theology due to a posteriori experience, i.e. wisdom derived due to impexperience/empiric/factual ev

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Read "MY TED STORY" and other letters posted on If you fail to access that account pls notify me on Or send e-mail to the TED account. The reason I posted it there is because it did not fit here. I apologize for inconvenience.

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Blind Sarai (pseudonym)
Posted over 1 year ago
Are we too smart for this universe?
Just vice versa: many of us are too naive. In fact our life is quite a challenge: it is an invisible game for our souls. Being naive makes us vulnerable 'dolls' in the hands of Satan...Imagine, in this game, we, at times, become victims of even religious servants - an obsessed priest (consider recent child sex abuse scandals publicised?! ) whereas they should serve to a human salvation. A human often end in tragedy, becuase they are blind " in spiritual terms" - the evil can posess a human as a vessel and we cannot see the soul and nature of "Hudas" among us... who can betray or destroy... Yet it is a will of God for us to be smarter than we are and see beyond frontier of human power to see... It is his will for us to understand to hear his voice... Actually, listening to voice and guidance of God has become a way of my life.... And I am winning in most "battles" due to an extraordinary gifts - hearing God's guidance... I wish you escape what I have escaped in my life... Well I will teach to understand universal language of God ... once my Prophetic film script is written - to guide to mastering a skill to win in spiritual warcraft. If you are curious on what I mean by "I wish you escape what I have escaped" start reading my blog (see my blog: and see the "critical point" in the first post.
Blind Sarai (pseudonym)
Posted about 2 years ago
Annotating TED Talks: A New Platform for Interacting with "Ideas Worth Spreading"
I apologize, the whole thing seems quite not clear to me but I would like to understand: is the new platform of use when it comes to closed debates,ideas, etc. also??? I wonder if the comments annotations cannot be placed after conversations like this are closed, I thought they could be ... but still if they can be -those will not be effective, I see. Still can you be more specific, what can we do there that we cannot on ted main platform. Or is it for giving a chance to continue active collaboration for those who are enspired or want to prolong or affect the topics closed? Also, these new platform is considered to be officially as an extension to TED main platform or a separate initiative with common purpose?
Blind Sarai (pseudonym)
Posted about 2 years ago
Unfortunately in real life some children like Annie do not win, instead they fall a victim - as if dolls- princesses they may fall a pray - killed or ... - in hands of those who serve Evil, unrecognized under a mask of just a human.... - in this case no power of imagination and no technological tool can help but power of God that can eliviate frontier of eyesight of a human who may be endangered.... Feel provoked to assist children/humans to escape traps of Evil, join the Team of Prophetic Film - a tool for delivering new theological wisdom and insights (read more on www.; www. I am open for partnerships
Blind Sarai (pseudonym)
Posted over 3 years ago
What would you tell children about pursuing their Dreams and Changing the World?
Hi all, I would like to greet you first. I have just registered to this site. My profile is not filled in yet. I will in a few days. But I am lucky to join you here, as the topic touches very essential aspect of human happiness, dignity and human progress in general – attainment of dreams. Having said so, I just want to briefly add some new and important, as I believe, insight. It’s the role of God’s blessing for our success in life. Just a hint: if something went wrong somewhere in your life, no matter how deep you failed, remember, the God is watching us – as I believe, and if you have “credentials” in heaven and if your dream deserves his blessing, - he will help you to attain it by all means. Thanks and good luck in your endeavors.