Katie Bickley

Director, MSA/GPC Student Activities (student government)
Lake Zurich, IL, United States

About Katie


I'm a Strategic Communication student at the Missouri School of Journalism graduating in May 2012. I want to impact the lives of those around me in a meaningful, uplifting way. I'm passionate, meticulous and empathetic. I'm also a perfectionist with severe ADHD and irregular (at best) sleep schedules.
I enjoy event planning, branding and advertising and want to use my skills to make that impact. I'm a mac, not a PC and obsessed with apps. I'm intrigued by a variety of industries and professions for my future career (context planning, musician management/agent, project manager...the world is my oyster). I'm both big picture and detail-oriented, which is both a strength and a weakness. I'm a thinker that both loves and thrives on ideation and creating something out of nothing.


English, Spanish

Areas of Expertise

Journalism, Strategic Communication, Psychology (minor), Business (minor, emphasis in Marketing)

Comments & conversations

Katie Bickley
Posted over 3 years ago
Why aren't kids (+ young adults) given more credit?
I think that young people with something substantial they want to bring to the table need to find the right person to bring it to. In my experience, I've seen age discrimination happen against younger people based on the misconception that they're more naive, and have had fewer "life" experiences to learn from, and thus, gain wisdom from. It's important to find someone to bring your ideas to, whether it's a teacher, mentor, web forum, etc. I've always been lucky enough to be able to hunt down someone to help me achieve my goals or work through something on any and all of those mediums. Young people should get creative by realizing that anything is possible. Whether it happens exactly as they invision it is one thing, but if they truly believe in something, set their mind to doing it, and create a strong foundation for it, then they'll be setting themselves up pretty well I think. I think it's important also to never stop learning, absorbing, communicating, sharing, experiencing...don't ever let themselves become stagnant, or burned out by what is thrown at them.