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2001-2005: Middle-high studies accomplished in 2005 at the Andon Zako Cajupi general educational high-school in Tirana in the natural-scientific profile.
2004-2005 : Scholarship from Tirana municipity accorded at top 0.5% the of students of republic Albania receive this honor)
2005- 2011; “Sofia Medical Accademy” , specialty Human Medicine, Sofia , Bulgaria.

January 2006- 2011; member of Association of Medical Students of Bulgaria (ASMB)
December 2005 scientific course in “First- medical aid” under the supervision of Prof. Assoc. A. Gudev
March 2006 scientific course in “Immunobiology”,
May 2006 : participation in the International Day of Hypertonia campaign in Sofia, Bulgaria.
October 2006- March 2007 participation as logistic person and statistics laborer at the project directed by USAID-Albania “Monitoring and assessment of immunization System in Albania” under the supervision of Prof. Assoc. Gj. Kuli.
February 2007 scientific course in “Free-radicals and oxidative stress in medicine and biochemistry” under the supervision of Prof. Assoc. T. Traykov.
In 2007 awarded the “Best Poster” prize in the VII International Congress of Medical Sciences for students and young doctors in Sofia, Bulgaria in the category “preclinical poster session” for the “In- vitro antioxidant activity of Thyr-W-MIF-1 neuropeptide”.
18-22. 10. 2007 - IV Congress of Macedonian Pediatric Association with international participation, Ohrid, FYROM. Gj. Kuli, A. Simaku, H. Hoxha, E. Foto, S.Lito et coll. Measles cases during 2006 in Albania. Abstract book, p 258. (Oral presentation).

15-18. 11. 2007- 5th World Congress of the World Society for Pediatric Infectious Diseases. Bangkok, Thailand. Gj.Kuli, G.Sulcebe, S.Lito, Z.Ylli. Persistence of antibodies to Hepatitis B among children immunized at birth. Abstract book, p 289. (poster presentation).

April 2006- June 2009- Took part in the Bulgarian national Informative campaign of Genzyme Gmbh for the update of Bulgarian General Practitioners’ knowledge in the contemporary treatment with biotechnologic drugs of Fabry, Gaucher, Pompe и Muchopolysaccharidosis type I (MPS I- Morbus Hurler-Scheie).

7- 10. 05. 2009- VIII International Congress of Medical Sciences for students and young doctors (ICMS), Sofia, Bulgaria. . S. Lito, Gj. Kuli- Lito, R. Niko, E. Vevecka, M. Bizhga. Albanian Experience in Kawasaki Disease. Abstract book, p. 340.

4- 8. 05. 2010- 28th Annual Meeting of the European Society for Pediatric Infectious Diseases. Nice, France. G. Kuli- Lito, A. Simaku, E. Kallfa, H. Hoxha, A. Kallfa, R. Petrela, S.Lito Pediatric case of pandemic H1N1 Influenza in Albania. Abstract book, p. 474 (poster presentation).

3- 10. 10. 2010- 4th World Vaccine Congress. Vienna, Austria. G. Kuli-Lito, S. Lito, Z. Ylli, G. Sulcebe. Long-term immunity after basal immunization for hepatitis B. Poster 2.4.10, site:

5- 9. 10. 2011- 5th Congress of the Macedonian Pediatric Association. Оhrid, FYRO- Macedonia. Kuli-Lito G., Qyra Sh, Godo A, Nastas E., Lito S., Face M. Study of the prevalence of infectious agents in children with haemoglobinopathies.. Oral presentation Abstr. book.. p.11-18 [full text].

21-22. 10. 2011- 13th conference of the Albanian Pediatric Association. Tirana, Albania. D. Shtiza, R. Xhepa, O.Xhango, S.Lito, E. Shkurti Nefrokalcinoza te femijet shqipetare.( Nephrocalcinosis in Albanian children);

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Internal Medicine, Endocrinology and Metabolism, gerontology & geriatrics, Radiation protection training

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