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"I remember when I was a young kid I lived my life without any problems. Problems just did not exist. Then suddenly I had them. And a lot. The older I got, the more serious the problems appeared. It took me some years of training to recreate living my life without problems. If I could back then, why not now?

I discovered that there are no problems in life. I mean that quite literally. But 'there are no problems in life' doesn't mean that there are no problems for human beings. This distinction made me curious of how we as human beings create life it self.

Later on in my life I realized that were my life was all about, was about nothing, it was meaningless, empty. I realized that all the things that were important to me, looking good, having success, making career, all the normal things in life that are important for a lot of people, are not important at all. It’s all empty and meaningless. The moment I realized that I can breakthrough the routine of life, to breakthrough the time-is-money feeling, I realized, I’m FREE! What does it mean to be free? Being free to choose, being free to be myself, being free to create a life worth living it"!

Joeban Machiel Bergs(1976) founder of BuitengewoonZIJN©(2007) is a transformational life coach, public speaker and is writing his first book at the moment. He's saying that life is about 'being extraordinary' and 'we are the best in being ourselves'. Coming from this context his way of living life is based on what’s possible in life.
Joeban Machiel is an expert in empowering you at strengthening your commitments to your vision. From these commitments come actions that produce powerful results. As a transformational coach Joeban Machiel add a unique dimension to coaching in that he is masterful at assisting you in revealing the very core interpretations and beliefs that support each and every aspect of your life remaining unfulfilled.

"By the way, could it be that the only difference between problems that disappear and problems that persist is we keep on chattering about the ones that persist"?

BuitengewoonZIJN is Dutch for Being Extraordinary.


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Powerful Context for Life

There’s not much you can do about the circumstances of your life. But the one thing you have absolute control over is the context of your life.

We are really good in feeling with the concepts of an event. We have a lot of skills in dealing with the process of an event, but we have almost no awareness about the context of an event. You see, it’s not about what you think that will improve the quality of your life, but it’s the space in which you think. It’s about what you could think that will improve the quality of your life.

What everybody thinks: 'Thinking positive will improve my life'. Thinking differently is not going to change someone’s life or is going to open up someone’s life. Because there’s no shift in context. You’re still in the same box, get rid of the box!

So what really alters your life isn’t starting with thinking, it’s about being. So be happy, be successful, be fulfilled, be creative, no matter the circumstances! Go out and play!

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People, education, biology, human evolution, nature, rock climbing, dancing, photography, art, music, writing, life!

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Stop the game of becoming OK, you are already OK. You are whole and complete as a human being. Start playing the game of being yourself.

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Joeban Machiel Bergs
Posted over 3 years ago
So, suppose you had no past. What's it like? What choices do you have? Where are your reference points? What are you like, having no past?
Ok, here we go Denis, We are meaning-seeking creatures and, unlike other animals, fall very easily into despair if we cannot find significance and value in our lives. When a event is happening in life, most of the time we are judging, evaluate, find it good or bad, agree on it or not, and sometimes we want to chance the event. So where is all the judging and need for chance coming from? Let say it’s coming from your past experience, the past. So what is your past doing in the moment of the event now? In my experience it is in the way, it is a barrier to a clear view to the future. If we truly want to change things (if we want a breakthrough), we need to be able to let go of the things/feelings/emotions/believes that don't 'serve' us anymore. To be able to move on. Let say that those things are a result of your past experience, than your past is in the way to your future. If you would take the past out of your view to the future and put it back where it belongs, the past, now you have a clear view to the future. Where anything is possible, because there are no barriers! I hope you can wrap your mind around this way of being! ;-)
Joeban Machiel Bergs
Posted over 3 years ago
Humanism should be the only religion.
If we truly want this beautiful planet to be beautiful in the future, we need to be able to let go of the things/feelings/emotions/believes that don't 'serve' us anymore, to be able to move on as one! To let the planet flourish in all his glory, which btw is a powerful context for human beings as well. Now it's time to leave the era of tolerance behind us, and to move forwards to the era of appreciation. To appreciate all that is!
Joeban Machiel Bergs
Posted over 3 years ago
What is happiness for you?
Happiness means to me being happy. The sensation of a smile, the experience of anything is possible. Is there a absolute happiness? O absolute, you just need to declare it. No one can tell you when you are happy. It's already a part of you. You don't have to do something to reach it, you just have to be it. And it starts by a declaration... Just give it a try.... ;-) ... and be happy!