Stephen Cordova

Mesa, AZ, United States

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Philosophy explains so much with so little...



An idea worth spreading

Love is when you do something stupid for someone, true love is when the other person joins you.

I'm passionate about

Practical Philosophy, the future in general and the long term benifits and faults of advancing technology.

People don't know I'm good at

Finding solutions to pretty much everything. The key is everything has more than one use.

My TED story

This is where I belong and Ive never belonged anywhere.

Comments & conversations

Stephen Cordova
Posted over 3 years ago
WIll building smart self-aware robots endanger our existence in the future?
I personally cannot understand the interest in creating a self aware AI. why create another problem when we can use the resources and energy we have now to solve people problems. The only motivation I can think of with creating a self aware AI is companionship or extreme laziness (for the workloads), both of which can be solved with people or smart unaware robots. I just dont understand the facination with AI.
Stephen Cordova
Posted over 3 years ago
God represents everything we do not know and cannot control. Once the knowledge and control of a object or situation is mastered god always seems to take a back seat.