Dan Jennings

Teacher design and technology, Hagerman Municipal Schools
Hagerman, NM, United States

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Dan Jennings
Posted about 2 years ago
Shift political campaigns from spending money on self promotion/mudslinging instead on funding social programs.
Very true. Thanks for pointing that out, Xavier. Right now, those who court the media (or just outright pay for coverage) do get the eyeballs of the voters. Unfortunately, they don't have the voter's heart. If the candidate was so overt as to contribute to these corporate (or NGO) interests, would the voter have more information to decide if the candidate supports or opposes the ideals of the voter? Or would it just muddy the water more?
Dan Jennings
Posted over 2 years ago
How can I bring TED to my community?
Congratulations on setting your sights higher than self-interest. I have been struck with the same desire to host a TEDx in our community as well. We are *very* small and I was searching the TED website looking for ideas and absorbing the details of hosting when I found your comment. I truly hope you host a conference. It is people like you who can fix the things you see that need changed. The cost of hosting a TEDx can be small...and can be offset by a low ticket cost. You can get Ken Robinson to speak, albeit via these videos, since you do have to show a number of TED videos in your TEDx along with your speakers. Cultivate an interest in your school with your faculty. I guarantee you right now there is a teacher who is dreaming of an audience to share his/her vision of a change in education or a passion they have for anything. Other people that you meet in Duluth that live their lives for a greater purpose are the others you want to ask. Chat up a local restaurant to see if they could help cater a lunch for a sponsorship. See if a venue would be willing to allow you space. Your desire to start something has inspired me to double my efforts to get our project moving. I hope to have ours ready by summer so our teachers can ignite their spark before walking into the classroom in fall. Feel free to stay in touch if you like, and I hope to see your event listed on the TEDx events page someday!