Daria Arkhipova

Yekaterinburg, Russian Federation

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Arkhipova Daria
Date of birth: 14/02/89


English, Spanish

An idea worth spreading

Have you ever seen something very touching? People, who are deaf and hard of hearing, sing with their hands! Even the most random songs appear to have an inside meaning in their interpretation! The whole world is in the hand of a person, endless steam of emotions and feeling. When you see it first, a strange thoughts creep into the head:" Why am I here? May be it's better to go away? I can hardly understand what is s/he showing?", but in a minute you forget about everything, you are captured, you are inside of the world, their world! I have seen their concert in my native city recently. And I'm passionately wating for the next one!
The only sadness is that noone supports them, there is no organization to help! During the concert they were too beautiful for words, but outside the theater...
They need our constant help and attention!

I'm passionate about

Getting new emotions and information. What can be more intriguing than a chance to find out that, for instance, blue whales sing and the songs themselves differ in different oceans?

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That's the most difficult, but as a paradox the most appealing