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Edsel Gracias
Posted over 3 years ago
Can technology replace human intelligence?
It is only a matter of time. In a way we are the same but our design is better so far. From one of the few abilities machines lack we have the ability to forget which is connected to the ability to learn, it is very important with its pros and cons (effective selective omission from which to further build on). As for the subject of self-awareness we have to understand where the root of it stems, we possess senses which machines don’t have integrated. We know how important our arm is to us and the consequences of losing it, this gives birth to self-importance and collectively to self-awareness. Intuition as well is a complex sense of interpretation which we cannot completely define, doesn't mean machines will not possess it, it's more like trace connections that some create better than others. You have to ask yourself how a thought process occurs (a snapshot of the brain) and whether you really have a choice or an output, in time we will know for sure. Design of machines are pretty static from what we have seen and take examples from (with respect to AI the general public doesn’t have great examples). Better design implementations would change the definition of machines itself; it’s a question about design. Emotion may be an action to generate a response from another system or an exaggerated checkpoint due to a temporary or permanent inability to cope (what is love? Except for it’s magical definition). All of mans’ best work can go into the 'perfect'(:P) machine but you can't have it the other way around. I may not be able to be too clear or correct; this is my take and my design :)