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Tafi J
Posted about 3 years ago
Sherry Turkle: Connected, but alone?
Having family all over the world I am able to contact and communicate with them and relatives i have never actually met. This is certainly an improvement. I used to write letters which basically said how are you. i am fine. Now i can say what i want and get feedback pretty fast rather than having it in that sterile form that a long distance letter would take, by the time i got an answer I had forgotten what i had asked. Now I am chatting in realtime with family and friends. What did we do 30 years ago? well I could not send a message to my mom to wish her good luck- if i saw her in the morning, I'd probably be too busy looking for my homework. By the time it was evening and everyone was back I'd be eating food in front of the telly. Did we talk more back then? No. did we talk to and create relationships with people far away who we might never meet? Not much we had penpals sometimes. Techno nurses or seals empathising, very few vocational carers nowadays, not saying they dont exist but, the lady next door with the cats or dogs, and no one else, is she worse off having a robot that shows concern? Yes some of what she says holds true twitterati and facebookers saying 'hello world I am not having a latte', but i'll take that if it means you also get 'Good luck mum you'll be great!'