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Palo Alto, CA, United States

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Betty Bee
Posted over 3 years ago
In your opinion, what should the purpose of education be?
I believe education plays a critical part in our life. During the early education, we need develop our nature: curiosity, playfulness, emotional engagement, sympathy, empathy as well as love. However, when I grew up in China, the early education system would focus on competition of grades rather than individualism or teaming. As a result, when we grow up with single one child build-in mentality and lack of teaming virtue; we would choose a area we can get a better grades instead of following our heart. It has became the primary barrier to enter into professional life and personal life. When I came here to North America in Canada and Silicon Valley for advanced education, the different between the two countries are very different. Canada has a good and affordable public university system. In the contrast, most of top universities are private school in U.S. It is the first time I deeply felt what is meritocracy. U.S is a typical meritocracy country, it is revealed in universities and professional world or even in personal life. People are very proud of what they have accomplished or which school they went to. None of those achievement can tell who they are in a real life. Education is one dimension of you. Here is a example, we don't want to team up with someone looks good on resume, but unethical in real life. Can education help us to be more ethical? In my opinion, education should be one channel to help us to be a better person.