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Photographer / Humanitarian, Vashti Wood Photography
Adelaide, Australia

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Photograhy, Allergy & Food Intolerances

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You deserve beautiful, high quality, amazing images that reflect *who* you are, *where* you have come from and *where* you are going. Turn against the 'shoot and burn' tide - work with a technically skilled artist who can provide you with archival quality prints, albums and enlargements.

Vashti Wood Photography.
Your unique lovestory: captured and retold for future generations as works of art.


Adelaide University

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Any of the technicalities involved in producing amazing images!

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Explaining the nitty gritties of who/what/when/where/how (and most importantly) WHY you should work with a PROFESSIONAL photographer!

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Vashti Wood
Posted over 3 years ago
Are photo editing programs ruining the beauty of natural photos?
It's the age-old dilemma, isn't it. Do we blame the tool or the one weilding the tool? Honestly, the *short* answer is 'no'. An emphatic 'no', to be precise. To 'properly' capture an image, whether it be in analogue or digital form, one needs to do so using a 'negative'. Most people don't realise that digital negatives STILL need to be 'processed' in the way analogue ones did (and do). Digital editing programs do nothing other than shift the darkroom from the outhouse or shed, to the bedroom or dining room (or home office) *smiles*