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Sherman Oaks, CA, United States

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Im 17 years old and love to learn, especially about people. I love a compelling story and when I grow up I want to be a storyteller.

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people, photography, storytelling, eyes, smiles, laughs

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People and genuine human connection. inspiring conversations and life's big questions.

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It's nice having a forum, and place to discuss ideas as opposed to the jargon of every day's monotony, as seen on facebook.

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koreen odiney
Posted over 3 years ago
Sarah Kay: How many lives can you live?
"we have both learned the art of capture, maybe we are learning the art of embracing, maybe we are learning the art of letting go. " I think that is so beautiful. I'm a photographer myself and maybe by facing a given circumstance, person, or any other thing head on, and photographing it I am not just capturing it in a digital form. but also embracing it and finally allowing myself to it let go. It's a beautiful process