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College art teacher., Guildford College.
Guildford, United Kingdom

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College training: graphic design and traditional animation. Avoided computers, felt they stole the soul from animation. I was young and wrong. And then; no jobs in traditional animation so I jumped into storyboarding computer games (primarily for Bullfrog:Theme Park, Syndicate, Magic Carpet, Dungeon Keeper and more) and learnt how wrong I was. After that? A crazy roller coaster ride of 11 years computer games art and multimedia, writing/drawing 7 books (Dr Sylver series, Messenger, Exile Road etc), 20 years of youth work and then becoming a college teacher specialising in IT, Graphics and Media. The cherry on top is learning to adore tablet art (and now Interactive Whiteboard art as well). Please check out my Flickr and Youtube galleries and tell me what you think. Me I adore putting my finger on a screen and seeing what comes out of that very simple beginning...

Areas of Expertise

Mobile device artist, iPad/iPhone artist, Next generation art tutor

I'm passionate about

iPad/iPhone/tablet artwork, Brushes app, all art and photography apps, IWB (esp Promethean) artwork. Teaching, youth work, fun.

Talk to me about

iPad art. IWB art.

People don't know I'm good at

Have I mentioned drawing on screens? I also write, which everyone (including myself over the past hectic year) have let drift off the radar. Next year? Book 8 and 9 I hope.

My TED story

I want to build a forest of trees drawn my people on a variety of platforms. Search for the Digital Forest and, I hope, the information will come to you.

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Paul Kercal
Posted over 2 years ago
What do you think each and every one of us can do to counter the impact and influence of porn as default sex education, everywhere?
A very good question and, for me, points to the fact that we, as adults, have an amazingly poor ability to allow kids to be kids until it's time to move on. IMO we allow children to be babysat by screens, rather than show a full and active interest in their progression, and life, sex and religious education becomes a mish mash of what teachers pass on and what the vogue culture of the day delivers. I'm as guilty of this as anyone. I'm a youthworker and further ed teacher, my wife is a primary school teacher, my sister in law a secondary school special needs co-ordinator. The tales we could tell. Terrifying because we only deal with a few hundred kids a week and every teacher in every school in most countries can tell the same stories. Today I was told of a 12 year old we're aware of, already on facebook for three years, who's dressed up as a movie star for her 12th birthday. Which involved wearing a dress which was in no way suitable for her age and posing in a manner which kissed goodbye to a childhood already lost. All posted on a social networking site with the privacy filter turned off. Not a daily discussion for us but not rare either. And porn, as free and available as it is, becomes the understood norm for something which should be sweet, joyful, wonderful, clumsy, new, fresh and beautiful. Milf becomes a standard description for one of the teachers I work with, as if it's not a clumsy and unpleasant and awful way for a student to mention a colleague while I'm in earshot. In fact they've asked me who the milf is, and then they're amazed when I blast them out for it. I was reading a semi-related article which said that the power of swear words is diminished with overuse. A non-swearer who stubs their toe and says the first word which comes to mind will have the pain exascerpated by the thrill of saying a taboo word. Whereas someone who uses a swear word as a comma will not. As it is with language so it is with sex. And all to the OST of BEP: Ma Humps.