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Blue Hill, ME, United States

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Shelley Latham
Posted almost 3 years ago
What do you think each and every one of us can do to counter the impact and influence of porn as default sex education, everywhere?
Ugg. Porn as sex tutorial-- complete disaster. Lets see, where to begin.....nobody has any hair on their bodies, nobody ever uses condoms, the only physical contact is genital (so the camera can get a good shot), almost zero touching, very little skin to skin contact, lots of fake groans, mechanical thrusting and position changing.....gah. And that's before you get into the "girls like it every which way and no never means no" crap. Unfortunately, we live in an age of increasing pornigraphication, so kids don't even have to watch porn to get the message. Thong underwear for pre-teens, aerobic pole dancing at fitness clubs, barely dressed teens routinely performing oral sex in primetime dramas. It's bad out there. Now we have the whole "slut" movement which is supposed to be empowering, but is just girls choosing to be treated as sex objects. What happened to dignity, respect, trust, mutual affection, giving pleasure? In addition to solid and comprehensive sex ed, we need positive images of sexuality-- human, intimate, personal, emotional, caring-- in movies, on TV and in young adult literature. Also, while we have to give our kids positive messages about sex being healthy and pleasurable, we also have to be honest that sex can be dangerous, unpleasant, and bad. Girls need to be taught to treasure their sexuality and boys need to be taught to treat girls with respect.