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Seixal, Setúbal, Portugal

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Pedro Palhoto
Posted almost 3 years ago
If you could make a wish on behalf of The City 2.0, what would it be?
A City 2.0 concept should be in sync with upcoming Civilization 4.0 (where 1.0=Aboriginal; 2.0=Barter; 3.0=Monetary; 4.0=Resource-based). A Resource-based Economy is the proposed evolutionary alternative to the current monetary system, where efficient and sustainable cities take the front seat. We should at least be aware of the Resource-based Economy concept and take it into consideration in our collective effort to reach the City 2.0 vision. There is already a TED talk on the subject: An Introduction to a Resource-Based Economy [ TEDx - Peter Joseph ] ( ). I've also put together a few talks and documentaries that are on topic or related ( ). In a few paragraphs, the concept refers to the economic structure that is applied on top of nature/physical laws. The currently used economic structure worldwide is the monetary model, which in turn, current political perspectives and corporations stand on. Our monetary economic model has reached it's peak for the current population and technological progress; it is not scalable anymore on a limited resource planet. A Resource-based Economy is an economic structure in which physical laws and the population's needs are taken into account first. We couldn't implement such a system before, as we require current day technical knowledge and infrastructure to deal with global resource inventorying, management and optimal path finding. It should be understood that money is a value proxy that doesn't take resource renewability and human requirements into consideration, which may lead to a social and economical collapse in a few decades if we continue pushing it. Regarding a smooth transition, I have found the following article to be informative and concise: Possible requirements for the transition to an RBE ( ).