Uzair F. Butt

Curator, TedxSalford
Lahore, Pakistan

About Uzair F.


Uzair Butt is an Engineering Science graduate from Oxford University and currently pursuing a Masters Degree in Systems Engineering at Cornell University. He is the co-founder and the curator for TEDxSalford and also in charge of over-seeing the overall direction of the project. Uzair has widespread experience of arranging large scale academic conferences and socio-cultural events, having served as the head of the Events team twice previously, for an annual leadership conference that is held in Oxford University every year. He has also acted as the President of one of the largest student societies at Oxford, which under his leadership, grew massively in size and influence. His interests include technology, cricket and politics.

It is in his inherent nature to keep himself updated on any or all topics under the sun- and hence TED is his favorite part time hobby. As a staunch up-keeper of justice and owing to his encyclopedic general knowledge, his comrades/colleagues often describe him as someone coming from a legal background in addition to a background in engineering.

He has the talent to fully harness his gifted memory skills to store, retain, and recall information to inexplicable levels of accuracy. Moreover, he has a meticulous eye for detail and the ability to create a harmonious work environment. Friends would describe him as the entertainment of the party as he habitually persuades them to be casted in videos which he films and directs as a side-hobby. He has the will to do as situation demands and likes to analyse, pre-calculate and strategize moves for any situation.


English, Hindi, Punjabi, Urdu

Areas of Expertise

Engineering, Design Thinking, Online Gaming, South Asia, Pakistan, Systems Engineering & Design, Technology

An idea worth spreading

The potential use and implementation of e-health in third world countries

I'm passionate about

Spreading ideas, philosophy, technology and travelling the world

Talk to me about

Technology, Gaming, Science, Politics & Sports

People don't know I'm good at

Humor, Medicine & Law

My TED story

I joined the TEDx program in 2011 as the co-organizer for TEDxSalford holding our first event of barely 100 people in January 2012. I am extremely grateful to have has the opportunity to be a part of this project which has expanded over the years to develop into one of Europe's largest TEDx events with over 1800 attendees and speakers from across the globe.

Favorite talks