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Liuyun Hu
Posted over 3 years ago
In your opinion, what should the purpose of education be?
I still remember the first day I went to school when I was four. I couldn't wait to go to school so I put on my schoolbag at five o'clock in the morning and wait for my grandpa to send me there.School is so exciting to me at first. But I don't remember since when I didn't dare to answer questions in class because I was afraid to be scolded by teachers when I made mistakes. I don't remember since when school was not exciting any more, but pressure of not getting into a good college, or not getting a good job. And I don’t know what I want to be, basically because what I want to be is not what I can be—wanting to be a musician but studying physics in school. So I guess education is about providing the resources to release people’s potential. Just here is enough. Teachers should not tell us what we need to be in the future. We need to find by ourselves. What make us tick? What do we love to do? What do we love to do even nobody pay me? They are the answers we need to explore by ourselves because we’ve been privileged to have education. So many people around the world barely have access to education. We cannot afford to abuse education as a tool to kill our intuitive aspiration for knowledge. When we say we hate school, it doesn’t mean we hate learning, but we hate it that the school kind of turn the situation into this.