Julio Franco

Investment Consultant, Consulting Manager
Uberaba, Brazil

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I think that we can prove to all of us the greatest opportunities to be leverage the benefits of the business with sustainabiity acts.


English, Portuguese, Spanish

Areas of Expertise

Business Consultancy, Business Management, Business Strategies & Execution

An idea worth spreading

We have to lead the people to do the best practices in all process, including, to live the reality from the outside the box, not by himself only..

I'm passionate about

New business and opportunities to be growing up the results with sustainability index.

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Sustainability index

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Sustainability issues

My TED story

The value of the economics issues against the life quality.

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Julio Franco
Posted almost 3 years ago
Is a one world government just around the corner?
I think that the IT has been supported as well the benefits to our lifes but we have to think how we can take more advantage of it??? The IT sustainability index has been created the values??? Let's discuss about it, including, the benfits to our city...how???