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Martin Walshe
Posted almost 3 years ago
Does handwriting have a place in the modern world?
What I find myself doing is if someone else needs to read it I will type it for legibility, if its just for me then I will tend to write it by hand. Personally the actual act of writing helps to ingrain ideas in my memory, so for example all my college notes are always hand written. The problem with handwritten notes is unlike their digital equivalent they are hard to backup. One item on my wishlist which bridges this gap is the Boogie Board from (With Christmas coming up it might just be my present to myself). I'm hoping more products like this come out in time or that tablet PC's get better at taking notes (any I have tried just dont seem to have the required sensitivity/resolution). Another problem with typed notes is they are very impersonal. I could never imagine sending a typed card or letter to a loved one, family member or friend. I think that each have their advantages and disadvantages and like many other things its best to pick the tool that suits the job at hand. As such I dont see handwriting going anywhere soon. As a minor aside how long before we ask the question "is typing something from the past?". With the likes of Google Voice or iOS's Siri making improvements in the voice recognition space how long before we don't really need to type or write at all?