wong gino

Executive Assistant, NUH
Singapore, Singapore

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Chinese, English

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Event & Project Management

An idea worth spreading

Paying it forward, giving a kind act to another person brightening that person day in the smallest way.

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ideas that can change lives, actions that can better benefit people

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making life better, ideas!

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wong gino
Posted almost 3 years ago
If everyone in the world did one altruistic thing or helped one person everyday, that would be over 7 billion good acts done in a day.
I think ben you have a great idea. like what Elizabeta said the world is taught to be selfish. it's would be great if people starts even an act of kindness a day to 1 person. that would spark a greater good to the world. with so many things happening around the world people without jobs, food and we are just rushing but not living as we ought to. You share a common goal as i have. to start touching lives by act of kindness!