Emily Blegvad

High School Student, Obama for America
Kã¸benhavn, Denmark

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Filmmaker, Skier, Musician, Political Democrat, Danish, video gamer, movie lover, soccer player, ham & cheese loving world traveler. That pretty much sums up my life.


Danish, English, Spanish

I'm passionate about

I am passionate about my well being. I am passionate about being educated and ready for anything to come at me. I seek to fulfill my dreams in becoming what I what I have dreamed about becoming.

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Anything. Ask me anything you want. :)

People don't know I'm good at

People don't know that I'm good at debating.

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Emily Blegvad
Posted over 2 years ago
Will the absence of Religion make the world more peaceful ?
I believe that religion is a more personal thing than a thing everyone should know about you. I think religion today, keeps many people alive and happy, with all of the bad things that are going on and the things that people are experiencing. Any religion will keep the followers of that religion happy and sophisticated. And it is good to experience many different cultures and religions as well, don't get me wrong. I love the world and it's people, and I think that the absence of religion would not make the world more peaceful, because for me, religion gives me hope. And I look forward to seeing my family members/friends and pets who have already passed, because I could not stand to just think that when we die, we are just gone.
Emily Blegvad
Posted over 2 years ago
What are some big social issues that need to be discussed, but aren't?
In the United States, to me, it's gun control. Mostly all of the Political leaders have not really directly addressed the issue, and still to this day we have problems with it. For instance, the young NFL football player who killed his girlfriend and himself, leaving their child behind. Also, the movie theater shooting, the Wisconsin mosque shooting, and the Gabrielle Giffords assassination attempt. Our political leaders, local and federal address it, but do not really get into it and do anything about it.