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Denton, TX, United States

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Robertson Klaingar
Posted over 3 years ago
Why evolution could never solve aging?
I do not think it would be in evolution's interest to solve aging. Aging and death are necessary for evolution. If the weak ones do not die, then there is no evolution.There would still be a couple accidental deaths and competition etc. But the number of deaths would be less. This could increase crowding and therefore competition and just balance out the death toll. I do agree that we would probably live longer if our environment was unchanging though. We would just evolve to an optimum stage and remain that way. But given that our environment is ever changing and that we are constantly confronted with new viruses, competition etc, it is only natural that there would be some regular 'pruning' going on to keep the amount of genes circulating abundant. If we were all the same, then mass deaths would be even more frequent. I do wonder how species that live longer cope though.