Tim Yuriev

Video Producer , Yuriev.TV
Toronto, Canada

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Creative & Art Direction

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Grew up at the Nuclear testing range in the middle of Kazakhstan. Son of nuclear physicists. Immigrated to New York at 21 y.old. Became a Creative Director, specializing in media production. Traveling and collecting stories.

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Tim Yuriev
Posted about 3 years ago
What working techniques do you know of, which allow access to the informational field? (no theories please)
I can stop my mind at will, and be in this state for as long as i wish to. My intuition is there for me, but it works like a hit or miss still, sometimes. What i'm looking for is a guidance system in the world inside me. What answers / feelings that come to me represent a hit and what represent a miss. I'm sure that this internal guidance system / map is the same for all of us.