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Space-time is not synchronized with earth-time due to the fact that space-time has no location to cohere to. Given the vast size of the space, time is stretched. However, the gravitational field of earth absorbs and creates its own intrinsic time-mechanism which has become our conventional clock. Dark matter exists because I saw it on television on Discovery Channel. Planet Mars is not a suitable place for life, but it had harbored life billions of years ago. The life on Mars was completely eradicated due to the collision of a monolithic asteroid which left the surface of Mars completely empty. Furthermore, NASA is an incredible organization that is dedicating its efforts towards militarizing its most pivotal projects. Hereafter, the Earth is spinning on an axis at a specific pace but an increment is augmented into our time in accordance to any small delays in the speed of the Earth's rotation. Light from the sun travels at speeds of 176,000 MILES per second! That's faster than you.

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As I was observing Thandie Newton's speech about 'self', I realized that it is the 'self' that causes separation.

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habib khodadad
Posted over 3 years ago
What is your "Time Machine"?
My time machine is the machine that runs time. That machine is nature. Nature is the most conspicuous time machine there is because it is self-evolving, self-sufficient, and it can have various forms but its chemistry and function is the same; to optimize everything from events to memory. The most interesting thing about nature is that it has the capability to self-destruct and then re-construct itself. For example, earthquakes and volcanoes are part of nature and they can destroy a lot of natural environments or settings in specific areas, but nature is bound to fulfill its unrelenting duty to construct a new natural environment or setting in replacement. Nature harbors many different elements, including space, time, and causality, including tangible elements such as water, earth and fire. These elements comprise the chemistry of life.