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My TED story

I came across TED for a first time few years back when I was watching a TEDTalk video record on Youtube.
Soon I found out that TED is full of interesting and inspiring presentations and stories told by people on the edge of their field.
During the period when I was exploring the possibilities of TED I found by chance a great, inspiring, funny and absolutely amazing talk. I was quite astonished. I shared this talk with my friends about whom I thought might appreciate it just as much as I did. But some of them were complaining about the fact they could not fully understand this talk due to their level of English. And that was the first of my TEDTalk translations.
After the translation was completed I shared the talk with them again and they were charmed. And it was then, when I realized this is a way how to spread the great idea of TEDTalks not just among my friends but among general community as well.
And this is my TED story - from surprised user to enthusiastic contributor.

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Vojtěch Pacík
Posted about 2 years ago
Which TED talk affected you the most ?
When I think about it I found the Brian Cox's presentation "Why do we need explorers" (http://www.ted.com/talks/brian_cox_why_we_need_the_explorers.html) really inspiring, mostly due to the fact that I came across this presentation in time when I was about to decide about my future life (I mean choosing the right university of course). And few years after this - today - I may say I did the right decision. But one presentation I found really inspiring and somehow important to me is Robin Ince's "Science vs. Wonder?" (http://www.ted.com/talks/lang/cs/robin_ince_science_versus_wonder.html), because of this talk I took up translating TEDTalk to my native language. So therefore it was then when I - for the first time - participate on spreading the TED idea.
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Vojtěch Pacík
Posted about 2 years ago
Where do you use math in your profession?
As you might find out while reading many comments from different people in this conversation, even it may not be clear at first, the matematics is in my opinion quite useful in many ways of our life. Of course it depends on the way you live your life. Truth is that for lots of people the basic algebra is everything they have ever needed. On the other hand when you imagine all things you use every day such as your cellphone, iPad, any kind of electronics in general, the Internet, the computer unit in your car controlling the engine, system of distributing electricity to your house - behind all these thing you would find mathematics. There are lots of people worldwide who use more difficult methods of mathematics than basic algebra in their occupation. So if you have a feeling that mathematics is useless for you (besides basic algebra) you might be right, but the statement that calculus and other methods in mathematics is useless in general is in my opinion completely wrong and I (and as I believe - many others) simply cannot agree with it.