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North Judson, IN, United States

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I am an inventor who having shown in the world's largest trade show and having new products accepted by the biggest retailer on the planet is ready for investors to share in the Product lines profits.
We have 25 new products to be made in the USA.
We also have 3 to be made globally.

We have the ways to create and maintain jobs!

Let's recover economically!

An idea worth spreading

Recycling former air crafts in the USA bone yard into air cleaners globally filtering air from Industrial sites with them I call them JetVacs. 4000+ old planes are on the ground.
Many can be rebuilt into portable or sent and assembled into fixed stationary units that can produce air flow to stop fires from reaching homes in areas that characteristically have fires burning homes and valuable resources too.
This will create jobs, and commerce as well as good reputations as Americans making peaceful products.
Filtering air through wings of planes form fitted with special filters all made in the USA can clean the air we breathe, maybe help stop global warming effects.

I'm passionate about

Making and maintaining good jobs with good products!

Talk to me about

New products to be made earning money as we do.
Investing in new products at the first stage is the most profitable percentage wise.
I'm ready, I have been working on this for 15 years, it's time!!

People don't know I'm good at

People don't know I'm good at many things, i'm well read. I have had over 40 periodicals as regular staples of information for 20 years, ad the computer and i can understand many facets of business!

My TED story

I was a truck driver; who was driving empty out side of Dallas in the rain, on a bridge with congested traffic stopping all vehicles, when i decided to slam into the rail and risk my life rather than kill others who had to stop. I was injured but no one else was. I started inventing things as i could not work. I have met with Presidents and billionaires and many very good people who work every day for the good of the people of Earth. I have new products in mind to earn huge amounts of money and favorable good situations for people to participate with us in as a result.
I'm 50 years old and have many stories. I like most people and love many. I believe we must do things in order to make life good here and now.
I'm sure of the products i have thought of, as good for people and worth doing, I can gladly prove it and have many times. I'm ready to help the world in many ways.

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craig harlamert
Posted over 3 years ago
new products for global economic recovery
That would be good. As a matter of fact making those and the things that every family could use every day that would make the worlds heating up problems cool down would be good too...and everyone could fell good as they help. Solar power is the most powerful and most untapped way we are talking about, other than my innovations that are not being done at all.