Alexander Dey

Student , El Colegio de Mexico
Tijuana, Baja California, Mexico

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English, French, Spanish

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Social Entreprener, Research - Biochemistry, Research - Business projects, Business Coaching, Meditation & Mindfulness, Economics - student

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One of the best solutions for climate change is Artificial Photosynthesis, we have destroyed a lot of trees because of the unplanned expansion of our cities and plants can no longer absorb our carbon footprint. Artificial photosynthesis is a solution to absorb this extra carbon and transform it into a renewable energy using solar cells with a fine cape of Nano crystals from different chemical formulas, if you are interested e-mail me!

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Young people in scientific research, promoting art, science and entrepeneurship, city 2.0

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Artificial Photosynthesis, entrepeneurship, social change, economics, politics, game theory

People don't know I'm good at

Range shooting

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Alexander Dey
Posted about 1 year ago
To what extent can an idea be unique?
If we go to a theoretical ground, ideas come to us from impulses we receive as knowledge, books we read, things we see and conversations we hear. So just as energy, ideas always come from other ideas. But, an entirely new idea meaning that no one has thought it before, well, first we don't have the record of all the ideas that had gone to the mind of the billions of habitants of this world and second even if someone has thought about the topic or even the same sentence or image before, our humungous differences make it near to impossible to see it from the same perspective. Conclusion: Original ideas exist, but they always have an origin.