Fatou Wurie

Communications Coordinator, Evidence4Action
Freetown, Sierra Leone

About Fatou


I am a storyteller and multimedia artist who curates photography exhibitions and projects that seek to break boundaries and bridge communities and cultures. My background is in political science and gender studies with a specialization in women’s health. I hail from a strong community mobilization and communications background and is the CEO and managing director at Free{the}Town, a communications and branding firm specializing in African grown projects, brands and campaigns with clients like UNICEF, Health Povery Action (HPA) and Sierra Leone National Shipping Carrier (SLNC) and ELIXIR Communications to name a few. As a TEDx Freetown organizer and now managing the dialogue series, i also sit on the board of OWNERS for AFFORD Sierra Leone, a social entrepreneurial project to empower female entrepreneurs. As a returnee to Sierra Leone, having left at age three, I am passionate about my country’s ability to gestate innovate and generate change for a future where anything is possible. To follow my thoughts visit my webblog at: www.thefatoublog.com

An idea worth spreading

the power to heal the psyche, the body, and the spirit which in effect will foster creativity, innovation and valuable contribution to one's community and/or society at large.

Africa, as history and as present. A continent that will continue to re conceptualize how the world views and interacts with it.

Sierra-Leone as a nation that is power-filled, tapping and respecting resource (intellectual & material). Inspiring and shaping the image of how sierra-leoneans view sierra-leone

I'm passionate about

Sierra-Leone, Africa, youth development, women centered empowerment, design, innovation, education, social media, creativity.change.art (the intersectionality of those three elements)

Talk to me about

love, death, re-birth, humanity, development, africa, sierra-leone, business, social media, design, art, education, ideas that create paradigm shifts

People don't know I'm good at

cooking and designing clothes.

My TED story

i am inspired by Sierra Leone and its people. I am inspired by what we've contributed to the world and motivated to jog memory about our contributions. I am also interested in the intellectual, innovative and creative pulse inherent in my country and its people. This interest is what fuels my passion to create space for dialogue and creativity. I am committed to bringing Sierra Leonean voices to the rest of Africa and the world. This is what drives me and this is why i am passionate and grateful for projects like TEDx.

Favorite talks