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Lethbridge, Ab Canada, Canada

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Rhonda Boreen
Posted over 3 years ago
Alone and lonely; fear of intimacy and embracing frequencey, how the internet is changing the way we think and have intimacy.
Wow! This topic of discussion touches so many areas. Debra, I have to agree with you. A smile can make such a difference in a person's day. I'm a very smiley person. An elderly gentleman once told me that my smile was contagious. I was touched by that, the fact that just a smile had changed someone's day. Coupled with the thought that on a bleak day, just a walk at the lake, where people are generally friendly and chatting, can make all the difference. The thought that people are lonely and are unable to reach out, because they've been hurt. It saddens my heart, but it's such a reality of life. We're afraid of being vulnerable, so we hide behind a username and a computer. I've seen it....when people become so intrigued with the attention that they've been longing for, they're unable to let it go...sadly enough, they stay in cyberspace for years. They feel safe and powerful, but are unable to communicate sitting beside someone. So they miss out on the love and touch that we need to grow and be healthy. God made us to love and be loved, to have and to hold, to be gentle and kind to one another. I think the internet, texting, tweeting, etc are great tools. That being said, it's very sad to see it become a wedge between people. Couples watching a movie together and one is on Facebook updating their status. It's sad to think that we're so malnourished for attention and connection, that it comes to that....or the parents texting their children downstairs or their spouse in the garage. What happened to spending real time together, focused on each other, family time? Talking, touching, hugging...showing affection? In my opinopn, this is part of the problem, we take the quick and easy way out. In the end, people end up feeling disconnected, unimportant or ignored, including children/youth. They turn to other hurting friends or gangs to hang out with, they feel at least they care. The root of the problem is...they're hurting and they don't want to be vulnerable/exposed.