Muzafar Imad

Co-Organizer / Speaker Team Leader, TEDxUniversityofKhartoum
Khartoum, Sudan

About Muzafar


An Electric and Electronic Engineering graduate, specialising in Electronics. Currently working at a company for Scientific Supplies. A Technology fanatic, a dreamer, filled with love enough for the universe. Music, Art and Health are his interests, breaking the barriers of learning and experiencing new things is one of the things he loves most.
He believes that one should always stay positive no matter what, and the only thing that prevents one from so is a state of mind, that can be conquered by power of will, which is enriched by feeding the confidence with a radiant smile and a positive environemnt, thus reaching out to that un-tapped potenial. His interest in TEDx is ongoing, with participations in TEDxKhartoum, TEDxYouth, TEDxUniversityofKhartoum and several more, and it shall not end here!
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Arabic, English

Areas of Expertise

poetry (reading and writing), sports, Electronics, Laboratory and research devices

An idea worth spreading

every single person is not aware of the mental power and strength one has, to overcome haedships, stress, emotional pain, obstacles and even hunger, its all in the mind, and the mind controls all. thus, your potenial is Limitless.

I'm passionate about

Food is my number One passion, its in the blood, followed by art, music and culture. i like to write poetry/rap and spreading as much knowledge and advice as humanly possible.

Talk to me about

Life, It's hardships and how to find solutions. Love, and its subliminals. Technology nad whats hot out there right now! And most importantly, FOOD.

People don't know I'm good at

Sketching, writing Poetry/Rap, Leadership. i basically like to master what i do, am a perfectionist.

My TED story

First time I heard about it was through a friend, didnt pay it much attention, but that was because I didnt know much about it then. During the auditions of TEDxYouth@Khartoum, I came to see what all the buzz is about, and was overwhelmed by it. An atmosphere where community building, is combined with innovative and genius ideas, and an unimmaginable amount of un-tapped energy just waiting to be brought into the world.
Ever since I joined, it has turned my life around, i see things more clearly now, my glass is always "half full", so to speak, if not completey full that is. I have become more aware towards my environment and my community, and eager to contribute more and leave some significance behind in this world, a mark, and TED has provided me with that drive.