Ceri Jones Salahadyn

Co-Founder, The Collaboratory
Denver, CO, United States

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Further to 20+ years experiencing the realms of corporate and entrepreneurial enterprise, I am exploring the intersections of Art – Industry – People – Business, providing service to “Make Ideas Tangible and “Make Tangible Ways”. A native of Wales in the UK, I started my commercial life at age 15, designing and making fancy dress costumes. In my early 20’s in London, I locked into a sales path within the UK automotive Industry and loved it. Galloped through the ranks and by 30 was running my own business within one of the UK’s largest privately held Logistics and Automotive Groups. In 2005 at the age of 35, I was awarded an International CEO assignment, to overhaul and reconnect an Industrial business (acquired as part of a larger European acquisition), in the US that had an exec team, holding its knowledge base ransom through an intentional disconnection in the transatlantic pipeline. During the 4 year process, the whole organization transitioned through an intense and successful transformational process that also deeply affected an understanding of my own personal Mission.

In 2009 I set out on an intuitive road, to establish a more impacting life vehicle, namely The Whole Way, that’s intention was to firstly “Make a Tangible Way” for me, and further serve as a vehicle to coach and consult others through major transitions. Before any external content was established I met my husband who had recently moved from CA with an established vehicle called Working Art, “Making Ideas Tangible”. We quickly combined our Visions and skills to create The Collaboratory within an abandoned fire station that doubled as our work and living space, allowing us to establish Working Art in Denver Colorado, “Making Ideas Tangible” as we “Make a Tangible Way”.

We have intentionally created a Whole environment that is so deep in its intention and ability to create what doesn’t already exist in this time and space, that we have attracted projects that require a comparable level of consideration, throughout the fabric of the projects, purpose, ideation, concept, design, build and evolution often beyond the initial scope.

We are working within the intersections of Art – Industry – People – Business. We have most recently found ourselves designing, building and evolving Working Art structures that Intersect at the cutting edge of Art, Architecture, Education and renewables. We are further producing, life size cinema quality costumes for the video gaming and anime worlds. Designing, incubating, and delivering a new 21st century team building / connection building event, using the physical art of welding for teams, collectives and individuals to create beautiful amateur sculptures that reflect them at their imperfect, diverse and adaptable, highest potential, through the interactive process of hands on group events. We use welding as metaphor for the vitality of connection between the Structure (organization or collective) and its members (individual team and collective members), that is leaving the participants a gasp! We have been designing and building enormous and incredible Water sculptures for private collection and have taken that into a range of One-Of-A-Kind Boutique pieces that include, water sculptures, jewelry, furniture and other collections of Working Art.

Our philanthropic activities are woven deep into the fabric of what we do and we could do so much more. We are mentoring and using our facility for young people’s senior projects, mentoring and teaching hands on making and life skills, within Robotics teams, neighborhood kids and whoever we spontaneously and serendipitously connect too. As hands on making skills are taught, we share wisdom, experience and an abundance of truth, realness, and consistency as we invest in their ability, their privileges and their responsibilities, equipping them as we go to be global productive agents.

We have been receiving many accolades and personal testimonies, about our work, through local and international press and local supporters, but we can do more, so much more. We need to continue to connect to the people and organizations that not only see the depth and potential in our work and abilities to “Make Ideas Tangible” but people that are in positions where they have a demand for our level of ideation capability and ability to make the ideas tangible, as well as having the resources to execute upon these vital ideas.

We are a tangible means to create effective vehicles, individuals and teams through Working Art formulas, tools and forms as we intersect, Art, Architecture, Education and human potential within Art – Industry – People – Business. I want to experience giant shifts within my own consciousness, and leave trails through the creation of tangible bridges. Working Art forms are a means to express the vitality of rudimentary, knowledge, truth and purpose. The Whole Way is a means of connection for all.

An idea worth spreading.......................

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Working Art, "Making Ideas Tangible", "Making Tangible Way's", Extraordinary Team Building, Connection Building, Art - Industry - People - Business, The Art of Whole Leadership, Human Potential, Leading by Example., Intuitive leadership

An idea worth spreading

Working Art “Makes Ideas Tangible”, The Whole Way “Makes Tangible Way’s”. We are a tangible means to create effective value, vehicles, individuals and teams through Working Art formulas, tools, teaching and forms. Through the ideation, design, build and install process. Working Art is Intersecting, Art, Architecture, Education and human potential within the realms of Art – Industry – People – Business. We want to experience giant shifts within our own consciousness that we can only do if we don’t perpetuate and repeat the mistakes of the past. We want to leave tangible wisdom trails through the creation of Working Art forms as we continue to “Make Tangible Ways”. Working Art forms are a means to express the vitality of rudimentary knowledge, truth and purpose. The Whole Way is a means of connection for all.

That’s why I’m here within the TED community, I think that’s an Idea worth spreading.....

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"Making Ideas Tangible" Equipping young people to be effective, authentic and productive global agents. "Making Tangible Ways". Fulfilling human potential. Getting out what’s inside of me.

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"Making your Ideas Tangible", "Making Tangible Ways", " Team Connection Buidling" GLOBAL

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Incubator, Concept Designer for Art - Industry - People - Business, Maker,

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Ceri Jones Salahadyn
Posted over 2 years ago
Where do you use math in your profession?
Great question David. I was so disconnected to Math in school I fell asleep in my final Math exam. I learn through experience, so need to be able to apply in order to experience, in order to learn. My life food and passion is learning so I have created my life, to continue my learning through experience and in turn, create experiences for others that enjoy a similar palette. "Making Ideas Tangible" through Working Art is how we do it. Our most recent structure intersects, Art, Architecture, Education and Renewables ="Interactive Hard Art". Every type of Math was used throughout the fabric of the Design, Construction, Installation and ongoing development as an Educational tool, functional sunshade and community Art element. We are working with the Principals and Teachers, inclusive of, Art, Science, Math, Geography and History to develop fully integrated curriculum and lesson plans (using Promethean Planet as just one of the mediums) that align to the IB program frames. The design holds ancient and universal truths, wisdom and knowledge, with an entrance through the Sun's highway and the 12 zodiac constellations that the sun passes through during its annual cycle. This piece of “Interactive Hard Art” exposes our young people to rudimentary universal knowledge in a playful, engaging, artistic and creative way that allows them to think and apply their unique expression to their learning process. The more we integrate meaningful learning possibilities through Works of functional Art the more we can demonstrate a Return on investment that allows for the production of more one-of-a-kind, considerate and bespoke, tools for our young people to become productive and creative global agents. Integrating a rudimentary solar lighting system is next. An article published in "Go Green Kids & Parents" International Magazine can be reviewed on pages 5 & 6 at www.gogreenkp.com and for further information you can visit our dedicated project web site at www.interactivehardart.com.