Madiha Khayat

Psychology Graduate, Effat University
Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

About Madiha


I graduated from Psychology on May 12th. I had my dissertation on the role of entertainment-education on social change. I was president of student government at the same year. I am also married for three years.
I have worked in different part-time and summer jobs, freelancer, as well as being a part of few projects; all that helped in shaping who I am and where I want to be. I used to major in clinical pharmacy for 3 years until I made the decision: I should not do what I don't desire, so I changed my major to "psychology", and many beautiful stories started since then.
Inspiring others and social change inspirit me. Creativity and innovation give me adrenaline rush, and human behavior makes my brain raise a lot of questions and theories.
I always aspire to learn more, give more and achieve more.
I got a job offer to be the first class assistant at my university, a position that wasn't present before, yet proposed by my professor, a colleague and myself. Now I am at the phase of focusing more on my family, while trying to prioritize the list of things I want to do with my life.


Arabic, English

TED Conference

TEDGlobal 2012

Areas of Expertise

Project Management, Teaching, Creativity & Generativity

An idea worth spreading

I believe there's a "passion gene", and it looks like a box. Some people spend too much for their box to be opened, some have it opened by birth. ;)

I'm passionate about

Social change in my country, inspiring others, teaching others, challenging minds,


Effat University

Talk to me about

how we can I change my country into a better place; how can I be up to it; high standard and creative events, leadership

People don't know I'm good at

arts and crafts, counseling, premarital awareness, writing and acting comic short plays/videos

My TED story

It's August 2011, and I'm in a meeting with the new VP of the student government. We were finalizing the plans when she suggested that we hold a TEDx event at our university. Worried about the country's bureaucracy for permissions, I agree with hesitation. The academic year starts and we started asking for permissions.
The permissions, from one department to another, from one ministry to another, took eight months. Our team was working in parallel to waiting; so once the permissions arrive, we will be ready to go.
On Thursday, April 12th, our TEDx event was finally taking place at our university as TEDxEffatU. It was our first fully organized event. One attendee I remember said, "I expected this to be a lousy event, not only because it is organized by students, but by female students too. Yet I was surprised by the high level of organization and time-precision!" Offensive statement? Maybe! Did we challenge perceptions? YES we did!

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Comments & conversations

Madiha Khayat
Posted about 3 years ago
Terry Moore: Why is 'x' the unknown?
very nice. And indeed, Arabic language did have an impact on many languages around the world. Which is makes sense, as many Arabs ruled powerful countries throughout history + different languages do influence each other beautiful, simple and fair approach from Terry Moore, loved his speech :)
Madiha Khayat
Posted about 3 years ago
What is your motto in life?
lol, well perhaps it is, I only know it from Arabic. Or perhaps its one of others that different cultures believe in.. wouldn't disagree or disrespect, we're one world :) thx 4 the heads up ;)