Hafsteinn H. Sverrisson

Reykjavik, Iceland

About Hafsteinn H.


I've studied theatre and arts and concepts for quite some time. Most of my studies are happening outside of an academic atmosphere. Because I can't really afford not to work and to go to school. I am clever, inventive and passionate about new discoveries. I am hoping to find someone that will let me take part in their projects. Something that will help this new world order come to pass.

An idea worth spreading

organisations that seek human equality and human right. The development of the human mind and the possibilities are too important to placate modern politicians. People taking power through invention and science. Charter cities that focus on genomic healthcare. Education based on creation and understand. Purpose through enjoyment, fulfillment and rounded happiness. The preservation of the internet, the planet and human happiness.

I'm passionate about

I am pssionate the world and the new revolution that is coming fast. I'm passionate about introducing these new possibilities to the world. I crave to become an active influence in this development.

Talk to me about

Anything that you are passionate about. And anything I could do to help your project. I don't really know what services I could provide, but be sure that there is always something.

People don't know I'm good at

understanding complicated theories in a integral way. I link theories together and I am very good at evaluation which course of action is preferable in a moral way as well as in regard to productivity

My TED story

I've been in love with Ted for 2 years. It is the place I go when I loose hope in people and myself. And without fail I come out of a video marathon, renewed and hopeful. I crave to be a part of that. And to help others find hope in the world.