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Augie Lindmark
Posted over 2 years ago
How can creatives use new technologies to increase empathy across cultural and geographic distances?
I'm not sure if this evokes empathy but I like to ask people to think about all the material things that they have in their life. This allows one to analyze what they've accomplished or obtained and gives a sense of self worth. Then I pose the tougher question, how did you get to where you are right now and achieve these "things". Was it hard work? Was it luck? Ultimately what we "have" in our lives is the product of two things: hard work and our environment. Can you guess the ratio of which holds more importance? Over 99% percent of what we have is the result of our environment, not how hard we work. The difference between you, me, and a talented street vendor in Haiti is the location and families we were born into, not that a given party works harder.. But then again, I could be wrong. Please feel free to disagree or debate!