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Eden Prairie, MN, United States

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Patrick Cotter
Posted over 3 years ago
Are creativity and leadership overrated?
I think that there is a certain point where the over hype of creativity and leadership do come in. it is true that sometimes you do just have to be a follower and that can be a great asset to a person, but we are entering the age of creativity. people with the repetitive jobs are getting replaced by machines. pretty soon companies will require a fraction of the number of employees that are doing those mindless repetitive jobs, while the leaders will do nothing but become more important. i do agree that "leadership" may not be the right word because it's less "leading" and more being your own person with your own ideas. innovation is accelerating and while the wages may be disaster but they are also leaps and strides in everything from healthcare to understanding the fundamentals of our universe. innovation as a whole has never been a bad thing. creativity fuels innovation and being your own person has just become more and more important.