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Denver, CO, United States

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Dan Denver
Posted over 3 years ago
Should USA and the remaining 39 countries sign the Land Mine Ban Treaty and join with 157 states that already signed it? Why don't we sign?
Michelle, you ask the wrong question. Why would you want to make wars more humane by crippling the warring factions? A better question might be whether all countries should sign an agreement to simply not make war. And once you've done that, you must explain how, exactly, you will enforce that agreement - at gunpoint? This, of course, is as insane as the American ban on guns in schools. They have immediately created thousands of safe zones for mass murderers where they can wreak havoc and misery on the children in those schools. Israeli school teachers, instead, may carry automatic rifles in order to protect the children in their charge. Would you also ban those? No, your efforts would be better spent in getting to the heart of what really is the problem. And the problem really is the heart - of man. The government has attempted to raise up a generation to believe that there is no God, no life after death, no higher authority to answer to for your actions in this life. As Mr. Gore put it, "no controlling legal authority" to put a damper on your fun. And then this hedonistic generation whines and wrings its hands when the miscreants of this world behave as though there is no controlling legal authority. Change comes from within. The power to change comes from above. Anything else is just bugs on the windshield.