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Aurora, CO, United States

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Deal in military antiques such as american civil war, WWI and WWII.

An idea worth spreading

1.Do away with landfills by using prison inmates to unearth landfills in order to recycle all the materials.........2.Craete a national system of solor use. A system where cities and states are assembled on central power grid. Where commercial and residential properties return what solar power is unused back into the centeral grid, where it is stored and even converted.

I'm passionate about

All history.... Archaeology, Aviation, Military, Antiquity, Horses, Science, Astronaut theory, Ancient Aliens, Space travel.

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James Simpson
Posted over 2 years ago
Stephen Coleman: The moral dangers of non-lethal weapons
I am part of a large military/police base family. I would like to believe that their service and the service of all those across our country, was and is, in the best interest of the public they swore to protect. They take an oath to protect and serve. "To protect and serve who?". Their oath is to uphold the rights of the people and garnish a set limitation of authority over the common person. But is there something missing now? I have had experiences with law enforcement, where I have found my self disgusted by their demeanor and behavior. They constantly get caught on tape using excessive force and brutality. From a routine traffic stop to a domestic dog bite, their conduct is appalling. I whole heartedly believe there's a loss of moral hygiene in the "next" generation. Every year they get younger, every year they're replaced by a different set of convictions. The psychological evaluation they receive before the academy, is solely to determine the individuals level of obedience. Obedience is what exists without respect, loyalty or self awareness. Each generation becomes more disconnected from the human condition, due to the exposure of a media upbringing spaced by a technalogical outsource. Built by the media and reinforced by our own ignorance, from racial equality and affirmative action to celebrities selling religious beliefs. Take away historical heros and role models, take away pride and self identity. The end result is police that taser eighty year old women. We're going backwards, the smarter technology gets the more numb the human conscience becomes. The same can be said for the military. Only they're trained to kill, and then returned to civil society expected to follow the rules. We cant seem to learn that history repeats itself.
James Simpson
Posted almost 3 years ago
Is there a framework for forgiving yourself?
On a Grander scale.....Humanity as a whole is engage in a common universal act, to grow, to evolve, to overcome and acheive when we're tested. To push our furthest boundaries, to break the limits of what is our known knowladge. This act is based on our ability to learn and retain the essential. The essential being what is made and what is already given. History is what is already given and what is made is how we learn from that history. To begin this act one must have a healthy person in all areas, mind, body and love. A "FRAMEWORK", a person as an individual must seek out and resolve the issue in order to thrive. Based on ones charactor and traits is according to how they will control and handle their demons. But in the end to FORGIAVE your self is a must or you adhere to the loss of evolution. Simply put (self preservation). We as mankind have to move froward, you have to forgive yourself at some point to move forward.