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Paul grew up in New York’s Capital District and spent some of his professional career in New England. His diverse education and professional background lends itself to the many needs, challenges, and opportunities that arise in organizations that may include media, team building, public relations, strategic planning, legislative analysis, operating policies, government relations, and board development and management. In the past, he has worked closely with or served as a member of five boards.

In addition to being a New York attorney with an active license (also licensed, but not active in Connecticut, Massachusetts, and Pennsylvania), Paul has been a speech writer, communications director, magazine and newspaper correspondent, and at one time radio and television commentator in New England. He has authored several books including: Lady-Ghost of the Isles of Shoals; A December Gift From the Shoals; Rockingham Park -- A History of Power, Glamour, and Gambling; and Living the Gospel – the People of St. John's. He contributed the essay, "Two Steps Forward, One Step Back — Social Policy in New Hampshire," to the book, No Higher Calling — 150 Years of Child and Family Services.

He has written, co-authored, or headed teams that crafted major public policy reports: An Empire of Innovation – the 2011 Annual New York State Innovation Report; Expanding Child Care in the Granite State – a Pragmatic Approach to Lower-Cost Governance; and Eliminating County Administration and Transferring Services to the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

On June 10, 1998, the Health Care Financing Administration (HCFA), the largest purchaser of health care in the United States, known today as the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, recognized Paul for his Creative Outreach and Media Activities. HCFA also highlighted his close work with elected state and federal officials to promote preventive healthcare initiatives.

Two years later, HCFA presented Paul its prestigious consumer award for conceiving and implementing Bells and Silence for Remembrance, a breast health awareness campaign that has helped to increase mammography rates among women.

In the recent past, Paul has worked with a start-up high tech firm and as Secretary and General Counsel to a New York State entity with annual economic impacts that exceeded $1 billion.

Paul enjoys travel, writing, jazz, opera, ballet, and bluegrass music. He strongly believes that a nation defines its soul through its writers, dancers, and composers among other individuals committed to the arts. Paul is past president of the John Paul Jones House Museum and a current Proprietor of the Portsmouth Athenaeum in New Hampshire.

Areas of Expertise

ethics in business, Ethics and Theology, Sophiology

An idea worth spreading

Ecumenical spiritual-cosmological convergence comparable to what Pierre de Chardin advocated.

I'm passionate about

Ridding God of the fear, power, ignorance, and superstition projected onto the Creator by corporate and organized religion that has hindered science and compromised human dignity.

Talk to me about

Faith, Sophiology, business ethics, spiritual empowerment, and moving beyond the hierarchical structure of corporate religion.

Comments & conversations

Paul Jesep
Posted over 3 years ago
Free College Should Be a Right, Not a Privilege
All valid points ... I don't anticipate non-citizens would qualify for a free education any more than a U.S. citizen would qualify for a free education in some European countries. There is likely to be a model from one of the Western European countries in how to provide a college education to those who work for it and maintain a certain grade point average.
Paul Jesep
Posted over 3 years ago
Is there a framework for forgiving yourself?
The challenge of self-forgiveness is sometimes perspective. Think about what happens when you can't forgive yourself for something. It limits your ability to take that energy and focus it on something good and productive that can help others. Life is about perspective, not mistakes. Every perspective, as difficult as it they are, provides a valuable resource in life's journey. Perspective is a learning tool. Not letting go prevents you from moving ahead. At some point you need to let go and find closure. Perhaps the best way to do it, though hardly easy, is simply to say to yourself, 'I'm done beating myself up over this. I will not allow myself to dwell on it. The minute I start to dwell on it I promise myself to stop.' Forgiveness is no more selfish than meeting the daily requirements to eat. Forgiveness is nourishment for the soul.