Michael Sayo

Nairobi, Kenya

About Michael


Michael was born and raised in a remote village where he went to school at Eremit, one of the communities MANDO supports. Before getting a chance to go to school at eight years old, he spent most of his time in the bush looking after the family cows, protecting them from lions and other dangers.

An idea worth spreading

Working on the premise that change is inevitable, he wants his people to be agents of change rather than victims. His dream is to help empower the Maasai people through education, health and economic development. He wants to integrate the Maasai way of life with the modern world, while conserving and celebrating Maasai cultural heritage. He envisions literate communities that are not so poverty prone. English, Swahili and Maasai are his working languages.

I'm passionate about

While he loved his herd, he also saw the value of having formal education.

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Project development in Africa, Kenya
Organizational capacity building
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Project Management

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