Michael Mazza

CEO, Independent Ideologies
Wilkes Barre, PA, United States

About Michael


I'm intrigued with the idea of spreading ideas and invoking good morale. I'm a good-natured and a well-rounded person. I have a bit of clairvoyancy and intuition. My past makes me who I am and I'm a man living in the moments trying to create a brighter, more harmonious future with each passing moment of limitless opportunities.



Areas of Expertise


An idea worth spreading

Living longer with technological assistance and surviving through others that you've influenced positively.

I'm passionate about

Longevity, Technological Advances, Singularity, Polygamy, Love, Education, Spreading Peace, Philosophy, Holism, Cannabis, Interdependence, and much more.

Talk to me about

Anything invoking a response.

People don't know I'm good at

Finding lost items.

My TED story

I've been influenced by more than a dozen TED speakers throughout my walk of life up to the present and I'm surprised I didn't find this earlier. I'll be returning from time to time and check my email regularly. I plan to contribute what I can and blog with others about the importance and significance of this site and the "Ideas worth spreading" attitude.

Comments & conversations

Michael Mazza
Posted over 2 years ago
Hans Rosling: Religions and babies
The key to sustainable habitability for an exponentially growing, yet gradually stabilizing, population is financial stability, planned parenting, and tight-knit families that promote heterosexuality.~Mike Mazza
Michael Mazza
Posted almost 3 years ago
Thomas Pogge: Medicine for the 99 percent
Thomas Pogge has his mind in the hearts and needs of the needy and unfortunate. We need a new innovative method for keeping healthy and preventing/averting current problems in the pharmaceutical, medical, financial, and governmental fields.