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Newcastle On Tyne, United Kingdom

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Daniel Cordoba
Posted over 2 years ago
How important is a common vocabulary for sharing ideas, and how do we arrive at one?
Ultimately, someone is going to have to find a mathematical underpinning to natural language. It is hard to see how this could be done, because it is such an organic, fluid and ever-changing thing, whilst its intimate connection with personal identity means that there will always be social groups who develop language precisely in order to thwart external definition. There are also powerful psychological reasons why we would resist such an attempt. The idea that we - or at least the most basic expressions of ourselves - could be numbers, challenges on many levels. Nevertheless, language is rooted in social relationships and shared objectives, which are in turn rooted in sense data and intentionality. I suppose I'm arguing for a phenomenological algebra, which is what Kant asked for two and a bit centuries ago, though given the complexities involved he was probably hampered by lack of computing power. (This would also have some serious implications across the board.)