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Why cannot schools and colleges run 3 shifts-From say 6 to 2 , 2 to 10 and 10 to 6 .We can triple the number of students enrolled in a school with the same infrastructure. Cost per student will also come down. Issues like travel can be easily handled by allocating night classes to people staying in a nearby hostel . Online interactive classes can be held to handle shortage of trained teachers/professors.This can definitely be done in places where there is adequate security during the night.

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Sriganesh Subramanian
Posted over 3 years ago
Instead of old age homes and orphanages in separate facilities, the combination of both should be built.
Hi deepthi, I had discussed this with some people a few months back and I got a range of opinions. There is a chance that old people might not want to be with the kids and might prefer to be alone.The kids might be seen as a disturbance if they spend more than a certain amount of time with them(Few hours is ok but living together ?). Diseases could spread easily from the kids to the old people and vice versa unless proper care is taken . .Success of this model would also depend on how much love the old people could shower on the kids.Wouldn't it be better to have trained caregivers take care of the kids and the old people.Also we need to ensure that kids are not harassed (physically,mentally and sexually) as I know some old people are not good and are outright bad..Who will ensure that ? I would really like this idea to work .It would be great if it works but I think it can work only under certain conditions.I have spent quality time in orphanages and some time in old age homes.I really believe that it would be beneficial for both the kids and the old people to spend sometime together (say in the evening for an hour or so) under supervision and the rest of the time ,the kids should be under trained caregivers..I think this would be make both groups happy. If the old people are physically and mentally ready and capable of bringing up kids with love and affection,then they could live with them and it should be actively encouraged.But proper assessment has to be made by competent people before this is allowed. I would like to see some real situation where this has been tried. It is a really good idea and if we can find ways to make it work ,this could bring joy and happiness into a lot of lives With best wishes, S.Sriganesh