Khan Smith

Junior Consultant - IT Strategy & Design, International Business Machines (IBM)
Paris, France

About Khan


Welcome to my TED Profile !

American and French national. I'm currently president of the student organization Sorbonne Innovation & Technologie. We're developing projects aimed to bring Universities, companies and clusters together in the innovation field.

Finishing a Master in Science in Management of technology and Innovation at Panthéon-Sorbonne University, I possess an expertise in Economy, strategy and management. This enhanced my capacity to innovate in a corporate environment.

Working alongside engineers greatly enhanced my ability to communicate with them and develop ideas with a strong technological background. Thus, I am particularly qualified for a job requiring a mix of software and business development analysis.

I'm particularly interested in two fields. First robotics since it is one of my childhood dreams and also because I'm convinced of its business potential. The second is Cloud Computing because the revolution brought by its technologies is a hive of creative and innovative ideas

Areas of Expertise

Strategy & Innovation, Business development & Information technology

An idea worth spreading

"In computing" or "Out Computing"

I'm passionate about

How technology can bring us in the future. It's difficult to predict what's going to happen in the next ten years. However this uncertainty makes it very exiting and brings many opportunities.

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How can we make the world a better place...

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My TED story

I've discovered TED 2 years ago thanks to a friend of mine. We first watched a couple videos at his place then i began to watch them on my own. I've quickly became a fan of numerous speakers. Then, one day, with friends, we decided to create a TEDx. As a Child, i always wanted to change the world, as a student, i always wanted to learn news things to create tools enabling change in our society. As a junior businessman, i want to help build organizations strong enough to act for those changes. This TEDx project is a way for me to participate in the actions millions are taking to make our home a better place.